Бирюзовые войлочные бутоны из шерсти и шелка на концах шелкового шарфа

Designer Ulyana Udintseva

felt products "Things for Mood"

Hi, my name is Ulyana Udintseva.

I am a textile designer, and I like to create various things with my own hands: clothes, accessories, home decoration, using various natural fabrics and fibers.


At the moment, the main technique in my work is felting from wool.

Since wool is a magical material, literally everything can be made from it!


Wool is very plastic and beautiful, and this gives many opportunities for creativity.


















I am an experimenter, learning and developing new technologies and combinations of materials. I also dye fabrics, wool and finished products myself.

I work on my own developments and technologies. Extensive experience of felting wool and teachering allow us to analyze all possible errors in order to prevent them in the future.

In my products, I try as much as possible to achieve the perfect balance in all respects.

But only on felting wool does not end there. In my works, I combine different techniques - both designer sewing and batik, knitting and embroidery elements. I want to achieve great heights precisely as a designer of clothes and accessories.

At the moment, I am developing the copyright brand "Things for Mood". Under this brand, clothes and accessories made from natural materials completely by hand will be created and sold.

And also I want to introduce you to another area of ​​our activity: Creative Workshop UL'verno. On the basis of this workshop various events and activities are held.

Since 2011, I have been conducting various courses and workshops on felting from wool. At my courses and workshops I share my knowledge and best practices. I spend classes on almost everything that can be make wool: scarves, bags, hats, clothes, interior gizmos. Since felting wool has no boundaries, you can teach absolutely everything. Often, students come to me with various interesting ideas, but they don’t know how to realize them. And together we solve these creative puzzles)

Сиреневый нитяной берет в технике Creyzi Wool

Ulyana Udintseva

...The perfectionist who lives inside of me does not let me relax and makes me learn and constantly improve!

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